You have saved our sons life and by extension, Ours! He is free and living knowing he can overcome his addiction. heartfelt thanks!

Casa De Luz

Thanks Casa for creating an atmosphere that damn well saved my life. I was in worse shape than you know when i first moved in. I was hopeless and about to give up. That house was the last effort I was going to make at sobriety, at life. I’m not good at letting myself be supported, but that house did for me what I could not do for myself. I will be forever grateful.

Casa De Paz

Upon moving in I was immediately made to feel welcome by the house manager and other residents. Besides being a beautiful, clean home, with plenty of elbow room, there was real accountability here.

Casa Bonita Resident

After being a resident of 18 months at Casa Bonita I can attest to the benefits of the Casa Lifestyle and will always consider this one of the best decisions of my life. It was quite serendipitous to have found such a wonderful place to advance my sobriety and re-build my life. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have done for me over the past 18 months. You truly have been an integral part of making the transition to a sober life easier than I could have ever imagined! From here I will take many fond experiences and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you all of the Casa staff as well for all of their support.

Casa Bonita Resident

I first came to Casa Bonita the very day I checked out of a detox unit. At this moment in my life I was full of fear and severely depressed, questioning whether life was worth living. I had battled alcoholism for nearly ten years, with varying degrees of temporary success, always followed by yet another relapse. I had never felt so hopeless. Upon moving in I was immediately made to feel welcome by the house manager and other residents. Within a few short days, my mood was lifting, I was attending a rigorous outpatient program five days per week, and I had settled into a healthy routine and began to feel hopeful.

Casa Bonita Resident

Casa sober lifestyle is the best sober living ever! IT helped me get back into society and get my life back! The staff is caring, loving, and understanding about any situation. The time i spent here helped me overcome my anxiety and fix my life. I will be forever grateful for my casa family!

Casa Blanca resident

I was going nowhere, until I arrived here

Casa De Luz Resident

I have been in and out of treatment facilities and drug programs since the age of 15. I am now 19 years old. My life was going nowhere, but downhill. I burned every bridge in my life. I needed a way to break this pattern. I found Casa Blanca Sober Living house in April 2012; everyone was welcoming and willing to help support me. It is like a family. Here every one cares so much for one another. If it wasn’t for Casa Sober Lifestyle I would still be nowhere, they saved my life here. The love and support you get here is like no other place I have been to in the past. I have such a bright future to look forward to now, because of Casa Blanca and you could too!

Megan H.
Casa Blanca Resident

I remember coming into Casa Blanca Retreat unsure of myself.. feeling very stuck, like I’d failed. This home, its staff and other residents, has made me a better person, and it is truly the best in its class. Here my entire worldview has changed.


They have truly helped me learn to love and accept myself and others.

Casa Bonita Resident